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I'm MugenELSalvador, but you can call me Mugen. I'm a freelance artist, with great passion for drawing and creating stories. Fan art, Concept art, Transparent Backgrounds and more. Any advice to make me improve is always well received.

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El Salvador

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I'm officially open to work on commissions

If you want more info about it, check the link:


It will be a pleasure to work with all of you

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Commissions Open

Hello, I'm MugenELSalvador, freelancer anime/manga style artist.

I'm officially open to work on commissions for the people of Newgrounds

My tiers are explained here:

Character Color:

No Color (Just the lineart) = $10

Monochromatic = $15

Flat Color = $20

Shading Color = $30

Full Color = $40

Background (BG):

No BG (Flat white) = + $1

Abstract BG = + $3

Transparent BG = + $5

Scenery BG Monochromatic = + $7

Scenery BG Full = + $10

(Every extra character will cost + $10 each)

Over here I leave a little example of the work I do


The time of delivery can vary according to the complexity of the piece.


1- You can do a request for a art piece sending a PM to my Newgrounds user. I recommend you to be specific with your request: how many characters would you like me to draw, which characters you would like to have on the piece, what kind of coloring you want, what kind of background you want, if you have any preferences for color, clothing, shapes, details, objects to show up on the piece. Also you can ask any other question you may have; and I will answer them.

2- I will PM you through your Newgrounds user at the moment I accept your request, I will inform you about the full price of your piece and the estimated time of delivery according to the request. I also will link my Paypal account to the message where you can pay for the request. I will start working on your piece at the moment I receive your payment.

3- At the moment the piece is almost done I will send you through PM a full sizes preview of your piece so you can ask for a change of colors, or adding/editing details, looking to have the best result for you

4- After the changes are done, I will send you a last PM with the art piece fully finished and I'll upload it, as well, to my newgrounds art gallery; the credits for the request and the characters are completely yours. If you would like to be the uploader, I will ask you to give me the credits for the art, and leave a link to my NG user on the description.

If the piece is delivered, and you feel dissatisfied with the final result, I will provide you a full refund through Paypal.

Things I can draw:

  • OC's
  • Anthro characters
  • Reference Sheets
  • Fanart
  • Anime/manga-like scenes
  • Erotic

Things I most likely reject:

  • Under-aged sexualized/erotic characters
  • Vore
  • Inflation
  • Scat
  • Piss/watersports
  • Farts
  • Fetishes
  • Pregnancy
  • Extreme gore

Business Hours:

7:00 am - 8:00 pm (CST – Central Standard Time)

It will be a pleasure to work with you.